Apps for the Camino Francés

 This most popular Camino route starts in:
St. Jean Pied-de-Port, France
(after crossing the Pyrenees)
 in the historic village of
Roncesvalles, Spain.

Then it's the long journey westward across northern Spain,
 towards the destination city of
Santiago de Compostela.

By the way: one of the most popular films about the Camino Francés route is The Way, starring Martin Sheen.
You can stream it
here on Apple iTunes or here on Amazon Prime Video
You’ll want to start the Camino tomorrow!

Get more than one app—
if you have enough storage space in your iPhone.
It's like carrying more than one guidebook with you, with no added weight to your backpack!

—Jean Christie

Camino de Santiago 360º

I mention this app first because it's not a "guidebook" app. 

Instead, this is a beautiful VR (Virtual Reality) app that will give you a "virtual" Camino Francés pilgrimage experience.

The app was the winner of an App Tourism Award in 2016 by the Spanish Ministry of Tourism.

You can watch 100 minutes of interactive video within the app.
If you'd like an armchair-travel experience of the Camino, get this app! 
Or gift it to someone — to persuade them to go with you. 

Or show it or gift it to family & friends so they'll know you'll be fine (and not alone) on this unique adventure!

—Jean Christie

Wisely + the Camino Francés

A Wise Pilgrim Camino Guide

Elegant design. 
Easy navigation. 
Regular updates. 
Comprehensive details for everything you need to know to walk the Camino Francés.

NEW - November 2018:
A new name for the app (formerly Camino Francés - A Wise Pilgrim Guide).
The app has been “…rewritten from the ground up to be faster and easier to use.”
More offline content, including “custom style” maps (“offline” means you can use parts of the app when you don’t have a cellular or wifi connection while walking on the trail)
More comments from other users, so you can see recommendations for places to stay, restaurants, etc.

Made by a Camino pilgrim who has been making Camino apps for several years.

He also offers a Camino Francés Kindle book - print replica, an Apple Book version, & a 2019 print edition.

I mention these books, because many people appreciate the focused layout of a digital or print guidebook to compliment the interactive experience of an app.  

Guide of the Way of St James

Note: the app, on your iPhone, will say BuenCamino under the app image—not the title listed in the App Store:  "Guide of the Way of St James."

Clean app design, with easy to understand graphics.
Includes a feature to plan your daily stages. 

Made by a Camino pilgrim.

Other routes to buy & download inside the app:

  • Camino Francés (the featured route when you get the app)

  • Camino del Norte - The Northern Route

  • Primitive Route (Camino Primitivo)

  • Camino Portugués (from Tuí)

  • Aragon Route (Camino Aragonés)

  • Camino de Madrid (only in Spanish)

  • Baztan Route (Camino Baztanés)

  • Route extension to Fisterra (Finisterre)

When I first opened this app, I saw Spanish-language instructions.
But after clicking Start, the app became an English-language guide.
I mention this so you don't give up on the app just after opening it—
if you're not fluent in Spanish.

—Jean Christie

TrekRight: Camino Francés

Nicely detailed route directions, with everything you'd want to know about accommodations.
Prepared by experienced hiking-app developers.

Take time to learn the various options and features: it's worth it! 

Highlight: Google Street View (although sometimes it's not available, like in some rural areas).

Highlight: If you're lost, an "intelligent compass" feature points you in the right direction to get back to the trail.

Camino Assist

One of the most feature-packed apps.
Highlight: Information to prepare for the Camino (a lot of great tips and advice!)

You can purchase a number of routes within the app, including the following:

  • Camino Frances

  • Camino del Norte

  • Camino Primitivo

  • Camino Portugues (from Tuí and from Lisbon

  • Finisterre & Muxía

  • Camino Madrid

  • ...and according to the app developers more "Zones" (routes) are coming.

"Play" awhile with the app to get a sense of the navigation. It's a bit complicated, but it is logical.
—Jean Christie

French Way Premium

There is a BASIC (free) version, but you'll only get accommodations for a couple of stages.

The Premium version provides information you'll need for the entire route, including accommodation options.
 I've listed the Premium version, so you won't need to do two separate downloads (at this writing you cannot upgrade within the BASIC app itself).

Highlight: This app also has information specifically for cyclists.

The app developer has made other Camino apps: 

But again, only the PREMIUM versions of these apps provide information to cover the entire route.

Guthook Guides - Trail Guide for Big Adventures

A free app to download, then you need to buy the route(s) you want within the app.
Two Camino choices:

 Camino Francés SJPP (start in Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, France) and
 Camino Francés Sarria (the 100km portion from Sarria to Santiago de Compostela). 

These folks are experts at making trail-guide apps, like the Appalachian Trail in the USA (excellent reviews!);  the Te Araroa (New Zealand trail), and many more long distance hiking trails worldwide.

Camino de Santiago Walking

This app has the basics you'll need for walking the Camino Francés (i.e. no fancy features).
Made by a Camino pilgrim.


Be sure to also look at Muxía and Finnisterre apps.
You may want to walk a few days more to the Atlantic coast after arriving in Santiago…

The destination city of Santiago de Compostela is also a popular destination for tourists and travelers from all over the world.
So it’s important to book your accommodations, in advance, for this lovely city.
Because I’ve used so successfully throughout Spain, I can recommend them here as a place to start your search:

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