Transportation Apps

Apps for Trains & Buses in Europe

Most of these apps let you use the iPhone's Wallet to conveniently store tickets.
 That way, you won't need to print your tickets—or stand in line at rail and bus stations!
This is now true for most airlines too, so you may already be familiar with keeping an "eTicket" in your iPhone Wallet.
—Jean Christie


You can purchase most bus tickets in Spain via GoEuro—and also use the app to schedule over 350 rail and bus companies in 12 European countries.

Highlight: compare three transportation options (bus, train, flight) on one screen. 

Eurostar Trains

High-speed trains between UK, France, and other European destinations (yes, includes the "chunnel" train). 


Book a bus in 75 countries world-wide, including Spain and France.

Spanish Bus App


One of Spain's largest bus companies, but it does not cover all regions of Spain.
Try the GoEuro app and Busbud (both listed above) for regions not covered by Alsa.

Spanish Train Apps

Renfe is Spain's state-owned major railway operator.
They provide both local and long distance high-speed trains.
They also have a partnership with France's SCNF railway for easy travel between Spain and France. 


Buy your train tickets.

Renfe Horarios

Check the AVE (Spain's high-speed train) and long to medium-distance train schedules. 

Renfe Cercanias

Urban train schedules

French Train App

SCNF is France's national railway. Train travel