Useful Travel Apps for the Camino

The Best Weather Apps for the Camino

Whether the weather be cold,
Whether the weather be hot,
Whether the weather be dry,
Whether the weather be not;
We must weather the weather,
Whatever the weather,
Whether we like it or not.

— Anonymous (British)


AEMET is an acronym for "Agencia Estatal de Meteorología."
Spanish government weather app (Spanish language), and it's free.

If you don't speak a word of Spanish, don't worry.
The app is easy to use, thanks to clear navigation within the app, and the use of simple icons and images.

The reviews are a bit mixed as of this writing (hopefully issues will be fixed in future updates).

 Weather Mate (free)

For me, it was worth it to spend $2 (as of this writing) to get rid of the annoying ads on this free version.
Because it's a weather app, there's already a lot of information to view on the screen.

That's why I got the...

Weather Mate PRO

You can upgrade to "Pro" by clicking a link in the free version of this app, but then it's a separate download for the Pro—and the icons look exactly the same.
In other words, you'll see two icons, looking exactly the same, side-by-side. Confusing!
So I recommend deleting the free version
before downloading the Pro version, if you try the free version first (like I did).
—Jean Christie

The Best Money Exchange Rate App for Travelers


Be sure to refresh XE to update currency exchange rates (open the app when you have a wifi connection).


I've used XE to get currency exchange rates for years and years—even before smartphones were born!
 And I've been quite satisfied using their app too.

This is the free version of the app, so it does have advertising.
But, unlike some free apps, I didn't find the
XE ads intrusive. 
—Jean Christie


If you dislike all advertising within an app, get the XE PRO version.

The Best Units Converter App to use on the Camino

Converter (unit conversions)

Here's how you can use this app for your Camino de Santiago pilgrimage, and also for related travel in Europe.
You can convert...

  • Length: Kilometers to Miles; Meters to Yards, Millimeters to Inches

  • Temperature: Celsius to Fahrenheit

  • Weights: Kilograms to Pounds, Grams to Ounces

  • Data: MB Megabytes to GB Gegabytes (example use: your phone's carrier plan has data limits)

  • Speed: km/h to mph (Kilometers per Hour to Miles per Hour—in case you drive)

...and many other categories of conversions that you might find useful whether traveling, at home, or work.

This is an excellent app, with a simple and clean design. You'll find it easy to use immediately.
It's been around since 2008; early days for the iPhone! 

One reviewer wrote that their older eyes loved this app.
Me too: I could actually see the results without my usual reading glasses!

This app is free.
But it also has a "latest exchange rates" subscription option.
I got it: it's only .99¢ USD per year (at the time of this writing).
Yes, $0.99 USD. 
I so loved the app I wanted it to express my appreciation to the fellow who made the app,
 and $1.00 USD per year seemed a small price for such a well-designed and useful app.

—Jean Christie

The Best Calculator App for Traveling

CalcTape Paper Tape Calculator

Add text next to your numbers. 
Save & even sync your calculations to other devices.  
Print, email and/or export a calculation to other apps, like Dropbox or Box. 

Excellent app for Camino planning, like to add or subtract kilometers — or to keep track of your travel expenses.

The Best App to Find Accommodations on the Camino Travel Deals

Nearly 160,000 people rated this app 4.8 out of 5 stars.

And I agree.
I first heard about this app several years ago from a Spanish pilgrim, while hiking the Vía de la Plata route.
Sure enough, I found affordable accommodations while on-the-go for the rest of my journey.

For “Newbies”
Sometimes pilgrim-specific places to stay on the Camino are fully booked.
Or, you may want an occasional break from the communal living style at pilgrims' accommodations.)

Because I’m a fan of for travel deals, I’ve also become an affiliate partner.
At no extra cost to you, I earn a small commission if you make a reservation from a link on this website.
Because this site is reader supported, it helps — Thanks :-)

The Best Vegetarian and Vegan Apps for Travelers

You'll have no problem finding meat dishes in Spain and France.
 But a lot of people prefer Vegan or Vegetarian restaurants at home or while traveling—including while walking the Camino.  
Here are a couple of apps to help find them.

HappyCow Find Vegan Food

Find restaurants and health food stores (180 countries), read reviews of what others say, and more... 
A highly rated app!

Vanilla Bean Vegan Restaurants

A new source to find Vegan and Vegetarian restaurants world-wide. If you have the storage space in your iPhone, get this one too... 

The Best Vegetarian Recipe App If You Can't Find a Vegetarian Restaurant on the Camino

Green Kitchen

It's great fun to cook meals with others at pilgrim accommodations, and this app might inspire you with its healthy recipes!

And here’s a highly-rated Kindle vegetarian cookbook that has 700 recipes to choose from. It’s fun to create dinners with other pilgrims, and a recipe book can help with the shopping and preparations—especially when creating meals with folks who speak different languages! (pictures are worth a thousand words!)

And, for Mark Bittman fans, he has an updated new book: How to Cook Everything Vegetarian. That’s the link for Apple Books.

You can also get his book on Amazon here: