Keep Your iPhone Safe In Camino Albergues

Get this Portable Charger to Keep Your Mobile Phone Close to You while Traveling—It’s Perfectly Small & Lightweight for Your Camino Backpack

Sometimes it's difficult to find an outlet to charge your iPhone in pilgrims' accommodations on the Camino.

And, there's the security issue if you leave it alone while charging it — imagine if an electrical outlet is not close at hand, so you can keep an eye on it (it's only in a bathroom, or a common-area kitchen, for example).

Most folks on the Camino are not thieves. But precaution is good: there have been stories and reports of thefts along the way. (Perspective: this has been true for over a 1,000 years on the Camino.) 

So consider getting this portable charger for your mobile phone (it’s the best, in my opinion). Then you won't have to worry about trying to find an outlet in a safe location to charge your phone. Simply charge your mobile phone in your backpack while you walk, or by your side in a bar/cafe or in the common area of a pilgrim’s albergue.

This is the latest power-updated Anker charger, and (as advertised) it is indeed the size of a "candy bar."  It's lightweight too.

Here are some photos of it, next to my iPhone 6s, so you can get a sense of the size.

CaminoApps Tips Charging.jpg

I've always found Anker to be a moderately priced, and reliable brand

It also charges iPads.

CaminoApps MobilePhoneTips AnkerCharger.jpg

You can see that it is the size of a candy bar - mine weighed 4.3 oz or 122 grams.

It gets excellent reviews from others too…

There’s another best selling charger (over 9k people love it!) although it’s slightly larger. Worth checking out though….CLICK HERE.

But again, if you want the candy-bar size charger (I love it!), CLICK HERE.