This page contains:

I. Privacy Policy
II. Disclosures
III. App Selection Process for this Website

I. Privacy Policy

Information Collection, Use, and Sharing
I am the sole owner of the information collected on this site. I only collect information that you give me via email. I will not sell or rent your name or email address to anyone. 

I will use your information to respond to you, about the reason you contacted me.  I may contact you via email in the future to tell you about new products or services that might be of interest.

You can opt out of any future contacts from me at any time, by contacting me here. The last thing I want to do is bother anyone! My aim is to help.

This website contains links to other sites. Please be aware that I am not responsible for the content or privacy practices of other sites. 

II. Disclosures

I am a participant in the these affiliate programs, which helps to support this website:  

1. I am a participant in the Apple iTunes Affiliate Program. Participating as an affiliate provides a means for sites to earn advertising fees (at no additional cost to you) by linking to the iTunes Store. As an affiliate, I may earn a small referral fee for purchases made through a link I provide.

2. I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

3. I am an affiliate partner with, and will receive a commission if you make a reservation using a link on this website.

III. App Selection Process for this Website: 

IMPORTANT: always read app descriptions in the App Store so you'll know the latest information about compatibility specifically for your iPhone. 

App Testing
I tested all of the apps posted on this website using an iPhone 7+ and an Apple Watch Series 2 (if the app is compatible with an Apple Watch). 

Let me know if you think I've missed a useful app. Thanks!

A Note to App Developers
If you launch a new app, or update an older one, I'd be happy to test your app (again, in some cases).
I appreciate your hard work to make apps for the iPhone. 

Backup Apps
While some apps may not be considered "the best" in a category, I may include them anyway  for you to consider as a "backup" (especially for Camino routes that do not have a lot of app options).  Backup apps provide a way, if needed, to look for more accommodation options or to clarify route directions. 

The Best Camino apps for the iPhone is, of course, subjective (my opinion + reviewers opinions).

Basic features that most people care about:

  1. Design: easy to navigate. It's clear how to find the essential information (after a reasonable amount of time spent learning to use the app). It's also clear how to get from one place to another within the app.

  2. Function: The app doesn't feel "half-baked" or "buggy." It simply works well. It provides useful and timely information for the Camino and related travel.

  3. Reviews: I read what others say in the most recent reviews. I read both positive and negative reviews, to get a sense of the overall experience of others who have used the app.

    I also check all apps that I've posted, quarterly. I read the latest reviews in the App Store, and test the apps again myself, to make sure they're still working well.
    Again, please let me know if any of my information is incorrect.

  4. Frequent updates—or at least a recent update: If an app has not been updated for some time, the information might be too old to be useful—and might even provide misleading information.

    Without regular updates, an app's functioning could be impaired too. Some of my oldest Camino apps (from a few years ago) won't even open after the latest iPhone software update.

NOTE: The Camino is a niche topic, so some apps do not yet have enough reviews to show a rating. If that's the case, and I like the app, I'll include it anyway—if it meets the above criteria.