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to Enjoy…


Maybe the flight is long, and your head feels fuzzy.

Maybe you need two days of rest to heal those nasty blisters.

Here’s some good “medicine”…

The Art of Pilgrimage

This is an extraordinary book…
One you'll want to read or listen to before, during and after your Camino.

There’s a universal, human need to go on a pilgrimage.
That’s been true throughout time and place.

Understanding this need will deepen your own Camino journey,
and also help you to consider and understand others you’ll meet along the way.

I discovered this book by chance— before my first Camino journey in 2001.

It deepened my first Camino experience,
and gave me a broader spiritual foundation for journeys thereafter.

Apple Book or Apple audiobook

Amazon Print Book or Amazon Kindle Book
Amazon Audible Book (with the rich voice of Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.)

To me, this book is a keeper—to be read again and again, from time to time.
I got the hardcover here, so the book would last.
Buen Camino…


Here are my favorite apps to play:

 The Room

An extraordinary puzzle.
 Beautifully designed by Fireproof Games.
Surprising & Challenging.
Don't give up! Just when you think you cannot figure it out, you will.
Warning: you'll be sorry that long flight is ending—or your blisters are healing...

The Room 

An incredible puzzle (beautiful graphics).
Requires focus, patience, concentration.
Perfect for waiting in airports.
But don’t miss your flight!

Android — Get this app on the Google Play store here.

The Room is for the iPad®.

Just in case you need more space (to enjoy the beautiful art work).


Get The Room Two. And The Room Three.

...and OMG they made another scenario!
The latest 2018 release from Fireproof Games:

The Room: Old Sins

If you like traditional app games…

 Solebon Solitaire

50 solitaire-type card games.
I've used this app since my first iPhone in 2007.
I'm not the only one: millions of others have too!
I enjoy the simplicity of the classic Penguin game...and I'm furious that I've never won the Accordion game—aargh! 
(let me know if you can do it!). 

Android — Get this app on the Google Play store here.
Please note: reviews are based on the iPhone app.

Hidden Folks

This one's unique.
A guilty pleasure.
You're looking for 190+ things, animals, people. 
Clever and Fun!
Bonus: some of the creatures and items show up in emojis.
I love the tiny solo fish that swims back & forth. Useful for ironic responses.

Android — Get this app on the Google Play store here.
Please note: reviews are based on the iPhone app.

Finally, I should mention this:
Apple Music.

I wasn't sure what it was.
I decided to try it. 
After all, it was (and still is) free for three months.

Within 10 minutes I was hooked. I "got it." 
After the free three-months, I joined Apple Music—without hesitation.

And I still love it... one year on.
Wouldn’t even think of quitting now.

—Jean Christie