Offloading Apps vs. Deleting Apps

How to "Offload" or Delete Apps on Your iPhone

Our last article showed you how to find the amount of storage space you currently have in your iPhone.

This post shows you two ways to quickly increase the storage space in your iPhone, so you can make room for more Camino apps or apps that support your travels abroad.

 Here are the two methods to easily do that:

  • Offload Unused Apps

  • Delete Apps

Because finding a secure place to charge your phone
in pilgrim accommodations is difficult…

I use this portable charger when I’m uncomfortable leaving my iPhone alone.

You’ll also need a European wall charger on the Camino if you’re not European.
(To recharge the portable charger; but also to charge your mobile phone directly from an outlet).

For the UK, and Ireland you’ll need this wall charger.

 Offload Unused Apps

First: Go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage

Just below the colored bar-graph that displays the information about your current storage space, you'll see an option to Offload Unused Apps (see screenshot below).

This is a simple way to remove unused apps—without having to worry about checking each app to see what you might lose (like data or documents you've created while using the app).

Don't worry: you can always reinstall apps again (more about how to do that below). And the documents or data contained within each "offloaded" app is saved for the day you might wish to once again install the app. 

In the screenshot below, taken from my iPhone, you'll see that I could automatically save 22.6 GB of space if I chose "Enable."

My iPhone smartly knows which apps I haven't opened in a long time, and has calculated that removing those rarely-used or never-used apps equals 22.6 GB.

NOTE: because I have tested so many apps for, I have an unusually high number of rarely used apps.

Offloading Apps iOS.JPG

By the Way: You may have noticed in the screenshot above that I could save additional space (1.07 GB) if I enabled the Auto Delete Old Conversations from over a year ago (those are text messages within the Apple Messages app).

But: A Caution Before Removing those Messages. First, save the photos you want to keep that have been taken within your Messages app (they're not automatically saved to your Photos app)—and also save photos that others have sent to you within Messages that you also want to keep.

To save photos within Messages, first tap on the image, then click on the little box with the arrow pointing upward, then choose "Save Image" to save a photo to your Photos app—or you can select another location among the other apps also displayed there.

2. Delete Apps

Press and hold any app to make all apps "jiggle."
Then click the little "x" in the corner of any app that you want to delete.
You'll get a warning before the app is deleted, telling you that it's data will also be deleted.

Don't delete an app if you want to keep data or documents you've created from using the app.
Note: you cannot at this time "Offload" individual apps that you choose.

If you change your mind later and want to reinstall an app again, you can easily do so...

To Reinstall Apps
Go to the Apps app, and click on your account. 
As of this writing, you'll find your account by clicking the image of a head in a circle (it's on top of the page).  
Then, click on Purchased, and there you'll see the entire list of apps you've downloaded
since the beginning of time.
(Or since your first iPhone ;-)
The little cloud image with a facing-downward arrow means it's not currently in your iPhone. 
Open means it's already installed somewhere on your iPhone.

Again, this delete option usually removes your personal data from the app.
The exception would be an app that has a cloud-based storage system.
For example, the Apple Numbers app or my favorite to-do list app: Things)


These are the Camino Francés apps in the screenshot above:

Camino 360
The Last 151 - A Wise Pilgrim Guide
Camino Francés - A Wise Pilgrim Guide
Guide of the Way of St. James (Buen Camino)

You can easily get to them in the App Store using the links found here: Apps for the Camino Francés.

Next post, I'll write about a new app that I'm testing. It could provide a way for Camino pilgrims to create a sweet little book of photos from our Camino journeys... stay tuned!

If you thought this post was helpful, please add a comment below.
And if you have any advice about Offloading or Deleting apps that might be of use to us all, let us know that too!


—Jean Christie